New Residents Information

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

JB/Welcoming Committee

Newcomers Meeting

Pioneer Plaza (corner of Southeast Bay and Macuro)

Jamaica Bay's Welcome Committee invites all recent arrivals (owners AND renters) to an informal meeting where we plan to address your concerns and questions about how you can get involved in Jamaica Bay activities and make new friends, where to find fun outside the community, how to find medical care in the area, where to shop, how to protect yourself in traffic and elsewhere, and where to find places of worship. All other residents who need the above information are welcome, as are those who are willing to share their expertise. We look forward to helping you feel more at home in your new community. (Next Meeting Sunday September 11th)

Questions? Give us a call!

  • Linda Roberts, Chair -215-622-7555
  • Lisa Moore -717-515-1033
  • Debbie Bigger-239-986-1127

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