Jamaica Bay Homeowners Association, Inc.

Membership fee: One-time $100.00 
  Fully refundable at any time           

Contacts: Jane Lilly 617-416-3269 
               Darlene Conard - 937-605-9639

The Jamaica Bay HOA membership fee is a one-time fee.  There are no monthly or annual fees. This is because your HOA simply uses the funds to earn enough interest income from those memberships to fund the operation of the HOA.  You can get a refund at any time, such as if you move or you feel your HOA is not serving you, or you simply need the money back.  

Jamaica Bay Homeowners Association (HOA) Benefits

Your HOA represents home owners to ensure a high-quality community.  While individual homeowners can, and should take their concerns directly to community management, the HOA provides a methodical approach to bring the weight of their entire membership to that concern.

  • Example: JB HOA noted members would like to see Automated Electronic Defibrillators (AED’s) placed in JB common areas.  JB HOA worked with management to make that happen.  Monthly, the HOA checks that maintenance has completed a regular check on each defibrillator to ensure they are operational. 
  • Example: Individual residents were concerned about a decline in water pressure and after taking their concerns to JB management, were given various reasons why this might be happening, but no repair action was taken.  The HOA stepped in, contacted the County, took water pressure readings in JB and surrounding communities and presented the results to JB management.  The result was a maintenance action that increased water pressure by almost (50%) fifty percent. 

Your HOA reviews issues which are beyond the ability of individual homeowners to address.

  • Should Jamaica Bay management, at some future time, decide to sell its property or change the use of the land, the HOA, by law, has first right of refusal to buy the Jamaica Bay property at the selling price offered by an outside buyer.
  • Just a few years ago, the HOA found out that JB management had decided to allow motorcycles in the community. Given that our homes are so close together, with bedrooms often bordering on our neighbor’s driveways, the HOA stepped into action and presented a case to dissuade JB management from this action.  The quiet in our community was preserved. 

Your HOA, under Florida Statute 723 is the legal representative that may negotiate with JB management on community rent increases.  The HOA can review those increases and provide input to ensure that they are reasonable and accurate.  The HOA may call for mediation, if issues cannot be resolved.

  • Example: The HOA found an error in the rent calculations for sewer payment pass-through.  JB management adjusted the proposed rent increase.  This error alone saved homeowners more than the cost of their JB HOA membership.

Your HOA has an attorney on retainer that can address questions related to the law that cover our homeowners and their interaction with JB management. 

  • Example: Because of signatures lost over a 30-year timespan, your HOA used our attorney to reincorporate, so that we are an HOA recognized under current law in the State of Florida.  This is a requirement in order to take any legal action required to represent our homeowners.

Your HOA conducts monthly property reviews of common areas, checking for maintenance and safety issues.

  • Example: almost every month there are issues found and addressed such as non-working toilets, broken lights, phones that do not work, benches that need repair or areas that need to be cleaned.  A formal report is written and submitted to JB management each month.    

Your HOA identifies and takes actions that help to improve the community.  Some examples are:

  • Helped get a new sound system & automatic door opener for the Veranda;
  • Installation of child proof locks on pool gates;  Security cameras at the front gate;
  • Coordinates on-site blood mobile & mammography visits; Visitor I.D. requirements at front gate;
  • Coordinated on-site Covid vaccinations for homeowners’ convenience;
  • Ensured available landscape design criteria and home color palette;
  • Convinced management of the need for a handicap lift at the little pool which is available upon request;
  • Conducts monthly meetings (during season) with informative topics for members such as, understanding details behind rent changes/comparisons, estate planning, insurance, Medicare updates & resources, landscape design, stray cat issues, JB HOA emergency communication list, Comcast services phone number for JB residents, and other topics of interest;  Conduct special meetings for urgent community matters.

To become a member, call the contacts
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