The Jamaican article, July 2024

Hello to all near and far.

As this communication is being written, we are entering our 3rd day of heavy rain.
The canals are overflowing, and the ponds are flooded. This is a once in a 500 - 1000-year event!
Hopefully when you receive this, all will be back to normal.

Around the Bay:
The giant Palm trees have been trimmed."The Mall" has been kept up and looks great (most of the time).
Regardless of what you hear, homes are selling. There were approximately 3 closings last week
and another scheduled for this week. 
The Board is communicating with our Attorney with regards to the Sports Complex. There is a discrepancy regarding 723 law and Cove's intention to charge us monthly for the cost of this development.
We have reserved the Veranda for the 25th and 26th of October for voting on this issue. Hopefully, it won't be necessary. You will be updated throughout the summer by eblast.
(Another great reason to become a member - Lisa Sorum ([email protected]).

Covenant "Of the Month"

We are going to take a covenant or two and highlight each month, The goal is to let truth win over rumors. It's for the good of all of us.
Community Covenants as used is synonymous with "rules & regulations".

Signs - Other than a "for sale sign" as authorized pursuant to section 723.058, NO sign of any type may be placed, erected, or displayed on a homesite or in a window of any home in the community, on any golf cart or vehicle. Remember as this is an election year.

Yard Sale - The sale of a Resident's personal property in a yard, patio, or other sale within the Community is prohibited EXCEPT upon prior written consent of management.

Enjoy the fabulous holiday fast approaching -  Pride...Honor...Gratitude...Appreciation

HOA Board of Directors

Jane Lilley, President

HOA Vice President: Jerry Nelson 239-780-8616
Secretary: Lisa Moore - 717-515-1033
Compliance Lead: Steve Albert 817-368-2116
Admin: Bruno Cyr 239-265-5524

On behalf of you HOA Board.

Jane Lilley
HOA President


HOA Contacts

Programs: If you have an idea for an upcoming meeting topic, please contact Marty Kopacz at 313-268-2424

Property: If you identify any problems in the common areas of Jamaica Bay that you would like fixed such as broken blinds or chairs, a non-functioning sprinkler, lights out, safety problem, etc. contact Bruce Anderson 612-708-3542 

HOA Communications Email list and Disaster Communications: If you are an HOA member, please send your email address and cell phone number to [email protected] to be put on the email list for HOA communications.  We communicate to you all summer - vital

HOA Membership: Your HOA board leads resident meetings from September through May. If you are not a member of the HOA, please consider becoming one and supporting the community in which you live. We have a one-time, $100, fully refundable fee to join. In return, you support the HOA and its efforts to represent you related to rent, rules, regulations, and conditions around the community. Contact Lisa Sorum 612-578-6980 to join. When you move from the community, please download the membership refund form from Information about your Jamaica Bay HOA, forms and lots of other resources can be obtained at:

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